Sh-hh I’m Asleep!

You know how some people may have sleep conditions (i.e. sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome) or chronic health conditions that may affect going to sleep, staying asleep, and the quality of sleep?

At imasleep,  we help those clients with sleep conditions and chronic health conditions actively monitor their sleep, participate in specific sleep-related exercises to strengthen their airway system. We also use a key Ayurvedic therapy in combination with lifestyle guidance specific to sleep, which results in decreased feelings of pain thus able to sleep better, reaching a deeper level of quality sleep, feeling more restored, and providing more energy in the day!

Shhh Program.

  • A client going through knee replacement exercise rehab and also poor sleep and occasionally utilizing the CPAP machine. It also noticed, the client was not feeling as rested or as alert as possible from the sleep they had during the night over the past several weeks. We asked the client if they would like to add the Shhh Program at the end of their physical exercise rehab session for the next few weeks (2 sessions per week) to see if this non-invasive holistic program would help. At the end of the third week, the client reported improved levels of quality sleep and being more alert throughout the day!
  • Another client, experiencing vertigo was getting poor sleep quality with their sleep. The Shhh Program was started, with 2 sessions a week. Some of the immediate results from the session was how the client wanted to have a restorative nap right after the session. Over a short period of time, the quality of sleep was improving. This client is just on the maintenance program.
  • Dealing with Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS), a client began receiving only the Ayurvedic therapy component of the Shhh Program. While sessions were originally started in the evening, the results where being able to wake up easily and did not even hit the snooze button! The sessions were changed to the morning, and this resulted in having the client having energy and being alert and awake through the day! The morning sessions are continuing.

The way we do the Shhh Program is by a process where lifestyle factors, self-management modules, and drug-free active treatment sessions are done. This approach is measured using Sleep Index Measures. This program also compliments and works in collaboration with conventional approaches that may already be in progress. The end result is improving the quality of sleep!